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Madison Windows and Doors is a locally operated business. We’re more than just a door replacement company; we’re part of the community, driven to improve your residential and commercial space. We take immense pride in our mission, transforming properties with quality windows and door replacement services that mirror our love for the community.


The Madison Windows and Doors name stands out in the industry as a beacon of trust and quality. Our reputation reflects our unwavering commitment to service, an attribute affirmed by the appreciation expressed in our client’s testimonials. Choose us as your door replacement partner, and experience our expertise, personalized service, and outstanding commitment to your satisfaction.

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Why Choose Our Expert Team

When you need a door replaced, you want a team that understands your specific needs. Our team in Madison Windows and Doors has the expertise you need. We have a wealth of experience in the residential and commercial door replacement industry. This extensive knowledge base allows us to tackle any door replacement job effectively and efficiently at an affordable price.


Second, our service professionals are local. We live, work, and play in Madison, AL. We know the specific needs and unique door replacement challenges our community faces. We’re not just a foreign company but your neighbors, offering professional door replacement services with a personal touch.

Areas We Serve in Alabama

Madison Windows and Doors team will bring their expertise to your doorstep. We’re serving communities across Alabama, delivering quality door solutions that make homes and businesses shine.


We are proud to offer our door replacement services not just in Madison but also in the following area of service:


  • Huntsville, AL
  • Athens, AL
  • Decatur, AL
  • Hartselle, AL
  • Cullman, AL
  • Scottsboro, AL
  • Albertville, AL
  • Lawrenceburg, TN
  • Lewisburg, TN
  • Muscle Shoals, AL
  • Florence, AL
  • Sheffield, AL
  • Tullahoma, TN
  • Shelbyville, TN
  • Gadsden, AL
Madison Windows and Doors

Our Comprehensive Door Replacement Services for Madison AL

Every door tells a story, and every door type serves a purpose. Be it an entry door whispering welcome, a storm door shielding you from harsh weather, or a garage door securing your beloved vehicle, we’ve covered all your door replacement needs. 


Find the perfect door for your residential and commercial project with our wide selection of door solutions tailored to make your Madison, AL, property stand out.

As the ‘face’ of your home or business, the front entry door should mirror your unique style while ensuring security and energy efficiency. Our front door replacement service offers a variety of models to bolster your property’s curb appeal and secure your space. Trust our team to find that perfect balance of aesthetics, durability, and function for your front door.

In regions with severe weather, the value of a strong impact door is crucial. Our impact doors offer more than just a weather shield; they serve as a sturdy line of defense against extreme weather. Our team installs high-quality impact doors designed to endure, offering peace of mind during even the most formidable storms.

Patio doors bridge the gap between your interior haven and the outside world. They should blend style, functionality, and energy efficiency in equal measures. We specialize in replacing patio doors with designs that elevate your home or business ambiance while also curbing energy consumption, delivering a visually stunning yet practical solution.

For homes and businesses in storm-prone areas, a sturdy storm door isn’t just an accessory—it’s a necessity. Our team excels in installing storm doors that match your existing door style and enhance your property’s resilience against the elements. Experience the safety and insulation a well-fitted storm door can provide.

Where space comes at a premium, sliding doors are the perfect fit. Their functionality and compact design are ideal for patios and interiors. Our team excels in replacing sliding doors with superior versions that offer effortless operation and enhanced insulation, making each slide a satisfying experience.

French doors carry a certain elegance that adds a classic charm to any space. Yet, their aesthetic appeal doesn’t have to compromise security and energy efficiency. Let our team replace your old French doors with modern models that retain the timeless charm while delivering improved safety and insulation.

Bi-fold doors are the space-saving champions of closets, pantries, and laundry rooms. Our team is proficient in replacing bi-fold doors with sturdy, easy-access designs that optimize your space. Experience the convenience of modern bi-fold doors that are reliable, smooth-operating, and long-lasting.

Garage doors aren’t just functional elements—they contribute significantly to your home’s security and aesthetics. Our team can transform your garage’s look and functionality by replacing a broken garage door with sleek, reliable, and secure models. We also make sure that garage door openers function well and last longer. Trust our professional service to make your garage door an asset rather than just an accessory.

In our security-conscious times, full security doors are an essential investment for every home and business. Our team is skilled in replacing outdated security doors with durable, top-quality options that promise reliable protection. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with fortified security doors.

Madison Windows and Doors

Benefits of Door Replacement

With door replacement, you’re not just buying a door but investing in enhanced curb appeal, security, energy efficiency, and much more. Explore the manifold benefits that our door replacement services can give you.

Enhances Curb Appeal

Think of your door as the centerpiece of your property’s aesthetic, where the beauty of your home or business begins. Investing in door replacement dramatically elevates your property’s façade, instantly grabbing attention and leaving a lasting impression. Experience the transformative power of a well-chosen door to enrich your property’s curb appeal.

Improves Security

Safety isn’t just a feature—it’s a necessity. From reliable security doors to stylish front doors, every replacement door we install acts as a robust shield, keeping potential intruders at bay. With a sturdy, new door, relish your home or business’s enhanced safety while resting easily, knowing your property is well-protected.

Boosts Energy Efficiency

As guardians against the elements, doors play a crucial role in your property’s insulation. Drafty old doors allow cold winter winds and summer heat to sneak in, causing energy bills to rise. With a quality door replacement, maintain your space’s comfortable climate year-round, leading to potential savings on energy costs.

Increases Property Value

Beyond serving as a functional element, a door replacement can significantly augment your property’s market value. This practical and aesthetically pleasing investment can yield substantial returns over time, making your property more appealing to prospective buyers or renters.

Enhances Accessibility

Doors are gateways, facilitating seamless movement within your property. Replacing older, restrictive doors with modern designs, such as sliding or French doors, can foster greater ease of access, particularly for individuals with mobility issues. Discover how the right door replacement can enhance your space’s accessibility.

Reduces Noise

The right door does more than visually insulate—it eases against the bustling sounds of the outside world. High-quality replacement doors offer an enhanced layer of noise insulation, making your home or business a tranquil haven, regardless of what’s happening outside.

Simplifies Maintenance & Installation

While older door materials may demand constant upkeep, modern doors offer the gift of timeless time spent on maintenance and more time appreciating your space. A contemporary door replacement minimizes maintenance chores, allowing you to focus on enjoying your home or business.

Offers Customization & Door Service

Every property is unique and deserves a door to match. Our door replacement service offers a wide range of customization options, from material to design and color to finish. Create a door that reflects your style, bringing your vision to life and uniquely making your space yours.

the best door replacement services Madison area

Frequently Asked Questions

Embarking on a door replacement project can be daunting. Questions might pop up in your mind – from the nitty-gritty of the replacement process to the cost implications.


Delve into our FAQ section, where we answer your pressing concerns, breaking down the complex world of door replacement into simple, easy-to-understand answers.

Typically, a door replacement can be completed within a few hours. However, the exact time may vary depending on the type of door and the specific installation requirements.

Yes, we are more than happy to provide free estimates. Our team will assess your specific needs and provide an accurate, competitive quote.

We offer our door replacement services for residential and commercial properties in Madison, AL, and the surrounding areas.

Yes, as long as the door frame is in good condition, we can replace the door without having to replace the frame.

The cost of door replacement depends on several factors, including the type of door, the material, and the specific installation requirements. We are more than happy to provide a free estimate based on your needs.

We can provide custom door replacement solutions to fit your specific style and needs.

If your door is hard to open or close, has visible damage, lets drafts in, or doesn’t provide the security you need, it may be time to consider door replacement.

The best material for your door depends on your specific needs, such as aesthetics, security, and energy efficiency. We offer a wide range of materials to meet these needs.

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Customer Reviews

The true measure of our work as a window and door company is reflected in the satisfaction of those we serve, pro offers, and the doors we successfully installed. To help you with your background check, hear directly from our residential and commercial clients, their experiences, and the transformations our handyman team brought about. These reviews are more than just testimonials; they’re stories of improved homes, fortified businesses, and satisfied customers.

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