Casement Windows in Madison AL

Casement windows Madison AL

Casement windows are hinged on the side to open like a door, providing tight seals and excellent ventilation. They can be found in both modern and traditional architectural designs.

Window installation services can help you choose the right casement windows for your home. Learn more about their cost range, factors that influence price and more.


With their ability to be opened to a full 90-degree angle, casement windows offer superior ventilation. This can help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, reducing the strain on heating and cooling systems.

Hinged on one side and opening outward like a door with a hand crank, casement windows are incredibly easy to operate. They also feature a tight seal that makes them some of the highest energy efficient windows available.

Like all other replacement windows, casement windows offer a level of security that is hard to match. They are designed to lock into place when closed, and they include horizontal stays that help prevent the sash from being forced open by an intruder. Additionally, Stanek casement windows come with standard window screens that are color matched to the interior of the window.


Unlike traditional double-hung windows, casement windows hinge from the left or right and open wide to offer full top-to-bottom ventilation when cranked open. They have a sleek appearance and are a great choice for maximizing a view without sacrificing energy efficiency.

The design of the window also allows for easy cleaning as the glass opens completely from a single pane. In addition, the windows feature a multi-point locking mechanism that provides security and helps prevent air leakage.

Typically, casement windows have up to a 90 degree outswing that can allow plenty of fresh air into the living space, and they are also available with a built in insect screen. However, the cranks and latches may require periodic lubrication to avoid wear overtime. Additionally, these windows cannot accommodate window air conditioners, which limits their use in some spaces.


Compared to other window types, casement windows have one of the highest levels of energy efficiency. The sash presses firmly against the frame when closed, creating an airtight seal and reducing your home’s heating bills. They are also difficult to compromise and come with hook-shaped locks, deterring unlawful entry into your property.

They are available as single or double windows. The former consists of a single frame that hinges on the left or right side and opens outward with a crank handle. The latter combines a picture window with casement flankers to offer a wide view and easy ventilation. They are an excellent option for homes in windy or rainy climates. They also help reduce your energy bills by keeping the air you’re paying to heat or cool indoors instead of leaking out through your old, drafty windows.

Bay & Bow

Add more natural light to your home and create a focal point with bay or bow windows. These beautiful window options offer more visual appeal, better ventilation and higher resale value than a flat window alone.

Bay windows usually consist of an inoperable picture window with two venting windows on either side, while bow windows are more curved and can be made up to four or five casement windows. They add depth to a room and create an intimate reading nook or extra living space.

Since these windows protrude out from the home, they require a custom window installation. Your contractor will ensure they are properly insulated and meet regional building codes. For this reason, most bay and bow windows are installed during the initial construction of the home.


Awning windows hinge open like doors from the top and shut tight using a hand crank, providing a full-top to bottom ventilation. This makes them the tightest-sealing ventilating windows available.

These windows catch side breezes to circulate natural air in your home or office, reducing the strain on heating and cooling systems to keep your indoor environment comfortable year-round. Combined with insulated glass, they are among the most energy-efficient window products available.

A popular choice for both residential and commercial properties, casement windows can enhance any interior design. Choose wood for a warm, traditional look or fiberglass for durability and low maintenance. Some products are a blend of materials, such as the Andersen Fibrex line of products that include a mix of sawdust, pvc, and fiberglass.