How to Choose the Right Window Replacement for Your Home

Window replacement can be a great way to update your home’s look while saving energy costs. Many homeowners choose to install double pane windows for their insulating capabilities and to reduce condensation.

Double pane windows have two glass panes with a spacer in between. Often a gas such as argon or krypton is filled in this space for increased insulation.

Double Hung

Energy efficient double hung windows reduce your utility bills by keeping the inside of your home warm in winter and cool in summer. They are ideal for new construction or replacements in existing homes.

They complement a variety of different home designs including Colonial, Cape Cod, Craftsman and Tudor homes. They also provide excellent insulating performance especially when Argon gas is added between the window panes.


Unlike single hung windows, double hung windows open on both sides, providing plenty of ventilation. Their sashes also tilt inward, making them easy to clean.

They’re a classic choice among Madison homeowners and come in a variety of styles. They can also be combined with picture windows for unobstructed views and awning windows for added ventilation. The wood frames add a classic look and can be painted or stained to suit your home’s aesthetic.


Awning windows hinge at the top and open outward, allowing in fresh air without letting rain in. This window style can be added to any home for a unique look and enhanced security.

Awning windows come in a wide variety of frame materials to suit your home’s décor and style. Wood awning windows add natural beauty and character, while fiberglass awning windows are durable and low maintenance.


Bay windows add space to a room and invite natural light in, creating cozy seating areas. Our window replacement Madison team excels in installing these stunning home additions, which offer an architecturally appealing look to your house.

Garden windows protrude outward and come with a built-in shelf for plants. These windows are easy to use and provide unobstructed views of your backyard.


Bow windows create a dramatic focal point, offering a beautiful view of your garden or landscape. They also allow you to enjoy fresh air from multiple angles, making them a great choice for those who want to add depth and style to their home.

Choose from wood or vinyl to find the perfect window for your home. Vinyl is durable and resists rust, while wood offers classic beauty with insulating properties.


A poor quality window replacement can lead to high energy bills, condensation between window panes and even rotting frames. Choose a window installation contractor that has many years, ideally decades, of experience in all types of windows. Look for a local company that understands Madison’s climate and requirements. Also ask about the frame material they use. For example Alside has a very high quality screen standard in their Mezzo window.

Escape Windows

Escape windows are designed to allow for emergency exits. They are typically located in basements and must meet building code requirements. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any project.

Picture windows provide a panoramic view of the outdoors, connecting indoor spaces with nature. They can also increase natural light and enhance a home’s curb appeal.

Double Pane

Double pane windows reduce energy bills by limiting the transfer of heat and cold through your window. They can also limit outside noise, helping you achieve a more relaxing home environment.

Energy efficiency is a top concern for homeowners. While choosing a window with low-e coating or argon gas filling will increase your cost, it could be worth the investment over time.

Triple Pane

Triple pane windows are a great investment for homeowners in cold climates. They are more energy efficient, reduce noise and keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Triple pane windows consist of three glass panes secured together in an airtight insulated unit. They use low-E coatings, foam and inert gases like argon and krypton to increase energy efficiency. Triple pane windows also increase home security by making them harder to break.


Aluminum windows are an excellent choice for Madison AL homeowners who want to make their homes more energy efficient. They have good insulation, which helps reduce heating and cooling costs.

In double paned windows, argon or krypton gas is placed between two window panes. This increases the insulating capacity of the window. This is particularly important in very cold climates. They also provide added protection against condensation.