Window Styles

Window styles Madison AL

Window styles play a significant role in your home’s aesthetic and its energy efficiency. Upgrading your windows is a great way to improve both.

Aluminum windows are durable, low maintenance and have excellent energy efficiency when combined with thermal breaks, argon filled sashes and Low E glass. Our Madison AL team specializes in installing these windows.

Double Hung Windows

The right windows will enhance your home’s beauty and help with energy efficiency. Licensed residential window contractors can help you choose windows that meet your style preferences, while also meeting energy efficiency standards and local building regulations.

Double hung windows are a popular choice among Madison AL homeowners. They feature two operable sashes that open vertically and tilt in for easy cleaning. They are available in Equal Lite and Unequal Lite configurations, as well as double or triple pane glass options.

They are an excellent choice for multistory homes, as they provide ample ventilation without compromising privacy. They are also easy to clean, but require regular lubrication of all moving parts. Choosing the right window frame material is also important. Wood naturally insulates against the cold, while vinyl is durable and cost-efficient. A reputable Madison window installation contractor will be able to recommend the best option for your climate.

Casement Windows

Windows allow you to enjoy the beauty of your environment, from sunrises and sunsets to puffy clouds and twinkling stars. They bring in natural light that makes rooms feel bigger, and they help you reduce your energy bills.

A casement window hinges on one side and opens like a door using a crank handle. They offer the tightest seal of any window style and are highly rated for energy efficiency.

They work well in hard-to-reach places, and they can be angled to catch breezes to improve airflow. These windows are a good choice for basements, bathrooms and upper floor rooms. They can also be combined with a Bay or Bow window to add dimension and extra interior space to a room. They are also a safe choice because the window sash presses firmly against the frame to deter unlawful access into your home. However, they can develop problems with the crank or latches if not maintained properly.

Sliding Windows

The sliding windows in our Madison window replacement services are a popular choice for homeowners looking for a modern look with ease of operation. They are ideal for large openings and offer unobstructed views and plenty of natural light.

They also open fully to promote air circulation and can be combined with other window styles to create a custom configuration. The sashes are easy to remove, so you can lay them flat on the floor and clean them without having to lean out of your window.

They are often wider than they are tall, which makes them suitable for rooms with low ceilings and can make small homes feel more spacious. They also work well in large window openings and can be combined with casement or picture windows for a premium appearance. Like double-hung windows, they are customizable and can be paired with many interior and exterior colors, hardware finishes, decorative grids and etched glass options.

Garden Windows

Designed to protrude from your house like mini-greenhouses, garden windows offer a space for year-round gardening and great views. They also feature shelves that make it easy to access plants and herbs, as well as act as an air purifier. They’re often placed in kitchens, and they open out with side vents to provide cross ventilation.

The depth of garden windows varies by brand, but the average sill is 16 to 24 inches deep. A deeper sill can be difficult to reach, so it’s important to consider the location of your window before making a purchase.

Upgrading the windows in your home is a smart move that can boost your property’s value and improve its energy efficiency. Unlike older windows, today’s high-quality replacement windows are much more energy-efficient and will help you save money on your energy bills. They also reduce drafts and air leaks, and they’re made with fusion-welded frames that are strong and durable.