Window Installation Madison AL

Windows are essential to your home’s appearance, feel and function. Moreover, they can save energy bills by improving your home’s climate control efficiency. According to the Department of Energy, old windows account for 25-30% of your energy use.

Installing new windows is a significant investment. Hire a local window contractor to ensure the job is done properly.

Awning Windows

Window installation Madison AL experts can help you decide on the right type of window to add to your home. They use exact measurements and follow a step-by-step installation process, ensuring a weatherproof fit. They also clean up after themselves so you don’t have to worry about a mess.

Among the most popular windows in Madison are double-hung, which open from both the top and bottom for easy cleaning. These are also energy efficient with features like Low E glass and Argon gas.

Bay and bow windows can be beautiful additions to your Madison home. They combine a fixed center piece with functioning windows on each side to create a Bay effect. They can increase natural light and brighten up a room while also increasing your home’s curb appeal.

Bay or Bow Windows

Window style plays a key role in your home’s beauty and function. A local professional can help you choose the right windows for your Madison, AL home and advise you on energy efficiency and local building codes.

Bay or bow windows offer extra space inside your house while improving natural light and ventilation. Typically, they feature three or four window sets extending outward in an angled or semi-circular shape.

This window design creates a cozy reading nook or extra seating without changing your home’s footprint. It can also be enhanced with a tilt-and-turn option, which swings in like a door or tilts at the top for ventilation. It’s the perfect choice for rooms with large window openings. Licensed residential contractors are adept at installing this window type.

Garden Windows

Imagine a mini greenhouse inside your home. That’s exactly what garden windows do, adding a distinctive look to any room. They’re often installed in kitchens but can be added to other rooms as well.

Unlike other window types, they have panes of glass from various angles to allow plenty of natural light into the room. They also have fully screened side vents to let in fresh air.

Energy efficiency is another reason to choose our garden windows. They’re designed to reduce heat and cooling costs, allowing you to enjoy significant savings on your utility bills. They also have tight seals to prevent air leakage and help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. This makes them a great choice for Madison homeowners looking to add style and value to their property.

Sliding Windows

A popular choice for new construction and remodels, these windows feature a single sliding panel that opens and closes horizontally. Their sashes are built for energy efficiency with fusion-welded frames and ENERGY STAR rated glass packages.

They also come in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes to customize your home’s look and feel. Some of these options include beveled glass for a classic look, V-groove etching, and Georgian styling.

Another option is tilt-and-turn windows, which can swing open like a door or tilt inward at the top for ventilation. Window installation Madison AL professionals are well-versed in installing these windows and ensuring their operation is smooth and secure. The result is a beautiful and comfortable home.

Casement Windows

Like doors, casement windows swing open using hinges on one side to create a large opening. They offer a sleek appearance and unobstructed views of the outdoors. Because they provide a tight seal, they’re also one of the most energy-efficient options available.

In contrast, fixed windows (also known as picture or studio windows) don’t open and are best for spaces that don’t require ventilation. Some models feature Low E glass coatings that help to reduce energy consumption.

When properly positioned, casement windows can keep street noise and precipitation out of your home while allowing for fresh air to enter. However, they can be vulnerable to damage from strong winds and storms. Your window installation Madison AL experts can recommend ways to protect your new windows from extreme weather conditions.