The Importance of Front Entry Doors

Front entry doors Madison AL

The front door is one of the most important features that distinguishes your home from others. It can protect your house from inclement weather and give a sense of security to its occupants.

According to a national study, attractive new entry doors can increase your home’s perceived market value. Learn more about the many options available for your Madison AL front door.

Curb Appeal

A clean, attractive exterior says a lot about the interior of a home. It shows that the owners care about their property and are willing to put in a little effort to keep it looking good. This perception makes for a good first impression on guests and potential buyers.

Front doors are the main focal point of a front entryway, and they can make a big impact on curb appeal. Choosing a door that complements your architecture and matches your personality is the first step to creating a welcoming entryway. A variety of decorative glass options allow you to add style, and some are even energy efficient.

Adding an extra window in your door allows more natural light to flood the interior of your home, and it also increases the amount of privacy you can enjoy. A window installation expert can recommend energy-efficient windows that limit heat transfer and lower your energy bills. They’re also durable and dependable, which is important for homeowners who want to minimize maintenance.


Your front door is the most common entry point for burglars, so keeping it secure is critical. Unlike sliding glass doors, solid-core doors are more resistant to break-ins. They can also be insulated and fire-rated for safety and added protection.

Steel doors are incredibly durable and require little maintenance. They’re rust-resistant, don’t warp and are able to hold up against high winds. They’re also more energy efficient than other materials.

Glass in your exterior door is a beautiful accent that lets in natural light and gives your home a warm, welcoming appearance. It’s easy to add privacy by selecting textured obscure or decorative glass. For even more privacy, you can add a transom or sidelights.

Replacing your entry door with a new one will not only increase curb appeal but can also boost your home’s value and protect the people you love. Make sure you select a door that matches your style and meets your security needs.

Energy Efficiency

The front door is a major source of energy loss in a home. New doors are designed to keep cold air in and warm air out, significantly reducing your energy bill.

The energy efficiency of exterior doors depends on their material and the type of insulation. Aluminum and steel are good thermal insulators. Wood doors, on the other hand, are poor insulators and let outside temperatures in. Fiberglass entry doors are among the most energy-efficient because they do not conduct heat and feature a foam core.

When choosing a new entry door, look for the Energy Star rating and National Fenestration Rating Council label to ensure it meets energy efficiency criteria. Also, check for a low U-factor—the lower the number is, the better the door’s insulating capabilities. Double-pane glass is another way to boost your door’s insulating capabilities. These windows limit heat transfer and reduce UV transmission, preventing irreparable damage to carpets, fabrics, and furniture.


The front door says a lot about a home before any visitors enter. It’s a focal point and often gets undivided attention from onlookers while waiting to be let in.

Like many components of a house, front doors require regular maintenance to maintain their integrity and appearance. They need cleaning, routine inspections for wear and tear and repairs when necessary. The type of maintenance required depends on the material used for the door and the climate in which it’s located.

For example, steel exterior doors need to be cleaned regularly to prevent rust and corrosion. This can be done with warm water and diluted dish soap. In areas with salt air, steel doors may need to be cleaned more frequently than those that aren’t exposed to coastal elements. Inspecting the sweep and weatherstripping is also a good idea. This helps to prevent outside air from entering and inside air from escaping, ultimately saving homeowners 5-10% on their utility bills.