Create a Welcome First Impression With Front Entry Doors

Front entry doors Madison AL

Your front door is the first thing guests notice when they visit your home. A recent national study commissioned by Therma-Tru found that consumers believe an attractive new entry door adds to their home’s curb appeal and helps boost perceived market value. Find out how we can help you create a welcoming first impression with front entry doors Madison AL.

Curb Appeal

A home’s curb appeal plays a huge role in whether or not potential buyers want to take the next step of exploring it. First impressions are hard to change and they tell the viewer what kind of care you’ve put into your property. Taking the time to invest in attractive landscaping, outdoor fixtures and a welcoming front door can give viewers an idea of what they can expect on the inside of your home.

For a simple way to add some visual interest, painting the front door can bring a pop of color to the entryway. A bright red or a playful powder blue can match the existing colors of shutters, the doorframe and other surrounding details to make a big impact. Wood front doors also offer a premium look and come in a variety of styles and finishes that can complement any home. Modern glass options help brighten up the entranceway and can be used in a wide range of design styles.

Energy Efficiency

If your entry door isn’t energy efficient, it could be allowing cold or hot air to escape and costing you money on your energy bills. New doors are available with insulated cores that make your home more comfortable while saving on utility costs.

Steel entry doors are crafted with solid polyurethane foam insulation and thermal adhesives to provide superior insulating properties. They are also rot and warp resistant, so they can last for years without requiring any maintenance or repairs.

Glass front doors allow natural light to enter your home and add a beautiful aesthetic. If you’re concerned about privacy, textured obscure glass options let in the light while maintaining some level of privacy.


Front entry doors are among the strongest points of home security. They work hard to keep the cold air out in winter and hot air out in summer. They can also be customized with a variety of lock types and other features to meet your specific needs. ProVia’s replacement entry doors are built to be energy efficient, which can help you save money on your utility bills and protect the environment. In fact, the brand earned the highest Net Trust Quotient and 5 Star Trust Rating in Lifestory Research’s America’s Most Trusted 2022 front entry door study. The study evaluates more than 50 home products, home builders and home services based on interviews with thousands of randomly chosen consumers.


Your front door makes a statement and protects you from the elements. It gets undivided attention from visitors as they wait for you to let them inside, which is why it’s important to keep your entry door clean and updated.

Routine cleaning and maintenance are simple and affordable ways to extend the lifespan of your front door, while also keeping it looking its best.

Weatherstripping is a thin strip of foam or rubber that runs along the bottom of your door, stopping outside air from entering and interior air from leakage. Correctly installed weatherstripping can save homeowners 5-10% on monthly energy bills. Examine your weatherstripping during a routine cleaning and replace it if you notice any drafts or sunlight streaming through the seams.

Your fiberglass door is durable and resistant to rust, warping and rot, but even the most rugged doors require some basic maintenance. Periodic maintenance will help to optimize finish life, and is required to maintain your limited warranty.